Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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670.00 € with VAT

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The X-Gen Night Vision Monocular has a 330' field of view with ambient light amplification of 650x.

With a built-in color view selector the user can select the color to best suit the viewing comfort from Black and White to Green, Red and Amber.

The Edge-to-Edge resolution provides clarity across the screen. The automatic infrared adjustment of this monocular provides less infrared at close range and more at long range. It uses 4 AA alkaline batteries and includes a carrying case.

This new proprietary image processing technology changes the standard of performance for all night vision scopes. Seeing is believing. Exceeds the performance of Gen2 technology. Image quality far superior to any product in its price range. Infrared illumination field is 100% free of distortion and infrared sensitivity is double that of all tube-based technologies. Light amplification is adjustable or automatic to achieve light amplification field tested to exceed the highest-priced Gen3 intensifier tube technology available.

All settings and features are fully programmable with on-screen menu, Video output for real time recording using any standard video recorder, Infrared Intelligence™, Tripod mount, Custom carrying case, 2.6x magnification. Caution: you may never consider another night vision technology after using this product.


- Ambient light amplification of 650 times
- Works day or night
- Variable Frame Rate - user adjustable exposure time to enhance light gathering capability. From 2 fps to 30 fps
- Infrared Intelligence - 3 modes. Wattage adjusts automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness
- Variable display brightness
- Enhanced infrared sensitivity, double that of intensifier tube technology
- Clarity across the screen - edge to edge
- Programmable time out features
- Color output choices
- Video composite output


Angle of View12 degrees
Field of View 70' AT 330'
Resolution (edge to edge)30 lp/mm
Power Supply4 AA Batteries
Weight (oz)21
Dimensions (in)9x4x2.5

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