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WL-1 AA Light

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The WL1-AA is the first tactical weapon light to offer powerful performance on readily available AA batteries. Its new Quick Release Rail-Grabber™ mount provides fast and solid attachment while keeping a low profile. Compact, rugged, and dependable, the WL1-AA is your first choice for weapon mounted LED illumination.
Our engineers took the same approach in the development of the WL1-AA and WL1-AA with Laser as they do when designing aiming and illumination devices for the United States military and Special Operations Forces. They applied their combined decades of experience to the direct requests of military, law enforcement, and dozens of tactical professionals around the world.
Operators asked us for high light output from the commonly available and relatively inexpensive AA batteries. The WL1-AA uses two AA batteries to produce 150+ lumens for up to 90 minutes from an incredibly durable LED. Agencies using their lights on multiple weapon systems noticed that inconsistencies in rail size between weapons caused fit problems.

The all new Quick Release Rail-Grabber™ mount on the WL1-AA allows for a rock solid fit on rails that meet MIL-STD-1913, and on most that don’t. A four-position adjustment crossbar provides precision adjustment of the light fore and aft on the rail.
Peak Output: 150+ Lumens
Run Time: Up to 90 minutes with Lithium batteries
Waterproof: Rated to 1 meter for 5 minutes
Interface: Quick Release Rail-Grabber™
Dimensions: 3.618”L x 1.435”W x 1.74”H (WL1-000-A1) 3.761”L x 1.435”W x 1.74”H (WL1-000-A2) 3.618”L x 1.435”W x 1.335”H (WL1-000-A3) 3.761”L x 1.435”W x 1.335”H (WL1-000-A4)
Weight: 3.4 oz. (WL1-000-A1) 3.5 oz. (WL1-000-A2) 2.9 oz. (WL1-000-A3) 3.0 oz. (WL1-000-A4) Lithium Battery
Power: 3V from Two (2) Energizer® Lithium AA Batteries (fully compatible with Alkaline AA)

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