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The company WileyX decided to test glasses in practise. The object of test were not in this case optical parameters or wearing comfort, but ballistic resistance of lenses. The test are made on a traditional shooting range, where the goggle are placed on a head mad of expanded polystyrene, 10 meters from the shooting line. The ammunition which are used is a traditional skeet/flight shooting patron, in this case a calibre 12 - 24 g with a V0 at 410 M/S(1476 km/hour). After every shooting the goggles are evaluated, first thing is to see if the goggles have holes in the lenses. On the 5 models which this time where testet (Nerve, CQC, PT-1, Romer and XL-1) there where NO holes through the lenses. The picture is of how the NERVE goggle looked after the shooting.


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