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Tigr 308 folding stock

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The Tigr self-loading hunting rifles are intended for big-and medium-size game hunting under various climatic conditions. The rifles are based on the venerable SVD Dragunov sniper rifle and differ in their improved accuracy of fire.

"Tigr" is produced in a number of versions:

"Tigr" is chambered for 7.62x54R cartridge;
"Tigr-308" is chambered for .308Win (7.62x51) cartridge;
"Tigr-9" is chambered for 9.3x64 cartridge.

The specifications of the used cartridges are given in the Table. Use only the certified cartridges for safe firing. 

The rifles are reloaded automatically due to the energy of powder combustion gases, bled from the barrel bore to the gas cylinder and the energy of the return spring as well. The barrel bore is locked by three lugs on turning the bolt round its axis whilst the bolt support slides lengthwise. The trigger and firing mechanism of a hammer type allows it to deliver single-shot fire and to set the rifle at safe. 

The safety of a lever type is sited on the right side of the receiver. The trigger mechanism is made detachable. The barrel bore and chamber are chrome-plated, the firing pin is spring-loaded. 

The butt and hand guards are made of wood (walnut, birch, beech) or the impact-resistant polymer. The wooden butt is furnished with a rubber butt pad. 

The iron sight consists of the sight leaf and front sight adjustable for windage and elevation. The range of the aimed fire through the iron sight is 300 m. 

Found on the receiver left side is an unified rail for the optical sight accommodation. The iron sight allows to deliver aimed fire with the optical sight in place. 

The rifle modifications have different versions of the main assembly units. 

Versions of the butt design:

skeleton wooden butt (with a thumbhole); straight hunting butt. In this case the trigger lever is made pulled back a little; polymer butt. To make firing through the optical sight more comfortable, the adjustable cheek is provided; pistol grip and tubular metal butt folded to the right. The butt is equipped with an adjustable cheek to make firing through the optical sight more comfortable. The length of the rifle with the folded butt is reduced by 260 mm.

Versions of the hand-guard design:

wooden hunting; polymer.

Versions of the front-sight base design:

with long cylindrical flash suppressor; with short taper flash suppressor; without flash suppressor. 

Tigr 308 specifications:

Calibre .308 Win
Barrel length 565 mm
Rifle total length 1100 mm / 840 mm
Weight 3,9 kg
Magazine capacity 10 rds.
Muzzle velocity 800 - 870 m/s
Muzzle energy 3700 - 4100 J

Testresults ((Visier Special 42/2006) (Range 100 m, 5-Shots):


Target Group
Federal GM 169 grs. SM HP-BT70/40 mm
FNM Target FMJ 146 grs.70/41 mm
IMI 168 grs. Match113/53 mm
IMI 175 grs. Match43 mm
MEN 147 grs. FMJ61/24 mm
SB 168 grs. Sierra HP-BT 133/51 mm
SB 180 grs. Sierra Gameking78 mm (9 shots)

About Izhmash company: 

The largest firearms producer in Russia OJSC "IZHMASH" was founded by the order of the Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1807. It is hard to overestimate the significance of the plant in Russian history.

Almost all types of firearms were produced here. The following fact witnesses the unique nature of the plant: as many as 11,3 million rifles and carbines were made for the period of the Second World War, which is more than all German firearm plants taken together (10,3 million). Besides, we mastered the mass production of antitank weapons, aircraft automatic guns, pistols and revolvers. Every day and night IZHMASH used to arm 1 infantry and 1airbourne divisions.

The postwar period of almost two century history of the plant is connected with production of the Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-47, which is still adopted in armed and special forces of 106 countries all over the world.

OJSC "IZHMASH" shows exclusive possibilities in the sphere of new projects and researches on various types of firearms (sniper rifle, automatic weapon, submachine gun), as well as in their effective production and quality control. Special quality control groups carefully check that the products meet the highest demands of documentation.

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