Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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SR30 UAV Electric Helicopter System


26cc 2-stroke Gasoline Propulsion Engine
Engine driven 75W generator
Battery Backup, redundant power systems
Over 1.5 Hrs endurance standard
up to 10lbs Payload Capacity
WAAS differential included
Ready-to-Fly Autonomous
Safety/Manual Aircraft Controller & Transmitter
802.11-based Telemetry System
Stable hover (Patent Pending)
25 Knots Top Speed
Low maintenance costs
1 year software maintenance subscription


Pan & Tilt Camera Platform
Numerous video display and downlink options available
Pilot Training/certification
Turn-key Package with GCS equipment and cases

SR30 Helicopter UAV Specifications

Length: 1638 mm, 641”
Width: 355 mm, 14”
Height: 622 mm, 241”
Main Rotor (M/R) Diameter: 1981 mm, 78”
Tail Rotor (M/R) Diameter: 337 mm, 131”
Transmission Gears
Tail Rotor Shaft Drive
Dry Weight: 7 kg, 151 lbs.
Engine: 2.4 HP 2 stroke gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 2 Liters
Climb Rate: 122 mpm, 400 fpm (AFCS regulated)
Maximum Speed: 11 mps, 36 fps [40 kph, 25 mph] (AFCS regulated)
Endurance: 11 Hours
Payload: ~8,5 kg, 19 lbs. Gross Maximum
             ~7 kg, 15 lbs. With Fuel
Telemetry: 802.11-based, 800m, 875yards, LOS range
Flight Control Software:
Fully autonomous flight with auto-takeoff and
landing, unlimited number of programmable
waypoints, “point and click” waypoints on map
overlay, joystick control (See Flight Controller
Specifications Below)
Ground Control Software:
Included with system and provides command and
control and sensor data on screen with audible
warning system
Safety Controller: 2.4 Ghz, 500m, 550yards, LOS range

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