Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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SM-3S2 Day/Night 4x Super Gen 2+

3 452.17 € with VAT

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

The most advanced and affordable Day/Night rifle scope has a number of innovations and inventions. Unlike other day/night rifle scopes on the market it doesn’t require swapping detachable parts in order to convert it from a day mode into a night mode. The built-in optical equalizer allows maintaining a sight at night and in the afternoon without additional adjustment of lens and eyepiece. To operate simply flipping a switch to convert it from a day mode to a night mode.
Based on compact design the SM-3S2 D/N allows shooting in daylight and at night without dismounted of riflescope and adjustment of mark.
The unique riflescope has a flat image by all field of view, red-lit reticle with regulation of brightness; light overload (flash) protection-automatic shut off, universal mount.


● shock resistance 600 G

● resolution is against the basic model more by 33% and gain more by 25%

● long-range of supervision

● the built-in red lit reticle with adjustable brightness control

● special light-powerful optics without distortion

● precision windage/elevation adjustment

● photo-sensitive sensor for protection of the image tube from accidental light overload 


Generation2+ Super Gen.
PhotocathodeS-25 Multi-alkaline
Field of view12 deg.
Resolution53 lp/mm
GainMin. 25 300
Max. viewing distance at night (0.005Lx)300 m
Max. viewing distance in daylight500 m
Diopter adjustment+/-3 diopter
Battery3V, CR123A
Operating temperatures range-30 to +45 deg.
Sighting line correction scale value
in the vertical and in the horizontal
2.5 cm on a distance of 100 m
Weight1 kg



 The mounts are weaver types.




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