Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Sentinel 4x60 Gen.2+

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Night vision riflescope Sentinel G2+ 4x60 is intended for observation and shooting at dusk or during nighttime hours. Sentinel G2+ 4x60 features 4x magnification and high light gathering capacity. The Sentinel G2+ 4x60 uses an EPM66G2 (Gen.2+) tube with the light magnification factor not less than 25 000 and total responsivity of the photocathode 400 – 550 µA/lm. Lifetime IIT is 10 000 hours. The image intensifier tube and optics are enclosed in a titanium housing which provides high performance qualities of the riflescope. The Sentinel G2+ 4?60 possesses high impact resistance and can be mounted on a hunting gun of various calibers (up to .375) with the muzzle energy of the bullet up to 6000 Joules. The high-aperture 60 mm objective lens with internal focusing allows obtaining a sharp picture at different distances (starting from 8 meters). The Sentinel G2+ 4?60 is a passive starlight device, and in most conditions does not require an artificial or IR light source. The incorporated IR Illuminator enhances riflescope's viewing ability in complete darkness or in moonless and starless environment. The riflescope and IR Illuminator are switched on by a knob recessed in the housing which prevents the unit from accidental switching or with help of the remote control. The Sentinel G2+ has a brightness control option and a range-finding scale which facilitates adjustment when shooting at different distances provided the shooter knows the size of the target. It is advisable to change the color of the reticle depending on the surrounding conditions. Red is the best when used in clear viewing conditions, green is preferable for use viewing is obscured. 26126? features a Mil-Dot reticle. The Sentinel G2+ 4x60 has a wide range of mounts for weapon, including Weaver 7/8” (3 modifications), AK Side Mount, «Los» Mount, and Prism 14/200 Mount.


Along with standard functions, the remote control has a quick start-up function. This is very convenient when constant observation is not conducted in order to find the appropriate position, take aim and shoot.


The image focusing mechanism (from 5 m. up to infinity) provides clear image at any distances (including short) within the riflescope's working range. 


A stabilized power supply ensures up to 70 hours of full operation. This prevents reticle shift, change of its brightness even when the battery is nearly empty. 


The cap is fastened on a rigid plastic ring dipped into the groove in the objective of the covering. This secures the cap from being lost. There is no need to remove the cap when viewing or shooting - you can simply slide it back and fix anywhere on the objective housing. 


The riflescope has an extra 7/8” Weaver rail placed on the left side of the body and is designed for mounting accessories (IR illuminator, directional microphone and laser pointer). 


The built-in IR illuminator makes it possible to use the riflescope in utter darkness. The IR has the function of focusing the light flux, ranging from narrow directed to dispersed. 

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