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PASGT Helmet Antifragment

438.16 € with VAT

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The Antifragmentation Helmet has been designed as a lightweight helmet to provide protection against fragmentation from IEDs, or other explosive devices.

High fragmentation performance with low weight, using high-tenacity aramid fiber.

Suspension Systems
We offer 3 different suspension systems. All have a 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad.

Crown Mesh: Crown Mesh with cross straps; with plastic chin cup
Leather Ring: Shock Absorption harness, with leather webbing and leather split chin strap.
Pad: 7 EVA foam pads; with webbing split chin strap

Size              Head Size (inches)    Weight (lbs)
Extra Small   52-53cm (20.5-20.9)   900g (2.0)
Small           54-55cm (21.3-21.7)   900g (2.0)
Medium        56-57cm (22.0-22.4)   900g (2.0)
Large           58-59cm (22.8-23.2)   975g (2.2)
X Large        60-61cm (23.6-24.0)   975g (2.2)
XX Large      62-64cm (24.4-25.2)   975g (2.2)

Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Black, U.N. Blue, Navy Blue

Protection Levels
Fragmentation Resistance (V50)*

V4: V50 of 450 m/s (1476 ft/s)
V6: V50 of 600 m/s. (1968 ft/s)

*As tested with 1.1G, 22 Caliber, 17 grain FSP (Fragment Simulating Projectile), according to STANAG 2920 and US MIL STD 662F.

Fragmentation Face Shield
Ballistic Face Shield
Helmet Bag

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