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OA-15 Classic Target .223Rem.

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The OA-15 Classic Target is the Service Match Rifle in our Line of premium rifles. It comes with detachable carrying handle (installed NM rear sight aperture .040 and 0.030 holes and NM front sight post .050), 2-Stage NM match trigger, DCM NM free float tube with A2-style hanguards, A2-stock, and A2-grip. Like with every OA-15 rifle we use a button-rifled, stress relieved Lothar Walther stainless steel heavy match barrel with 0,750 diameter.

Technische Daten/specification:

Kaliber/caliber: .223Rem.
Lauflänge/barrel lenght: 20-Zoll/508mm 
Drall/twist: 203mm(6-Züge/Rechtsdrall)
1-8” twist (6 grooves/right-handed) 
Gesamtlänge/overall length:  20-Zoll/980mm 
Gewicht mit leerem Magazin/weight:    20-Zoll/4,35kg 
Magazinkapazität/capacity: 10 Patronen 

Lieferumfang/product contents:

• NM-Feinvisier / NM sight set
• Free Float Tube im Classic Design
• 2-Stage Matchabzug, ca. 1600gr / NM, 2-stage trigger 1,6kg
• doppelseitige Sicherung / ambi selector
• abnehmbarer Tragegeriff / detachable carrying handle
• großer Spannschieber / big charging handle
• doppelseitige Sicherung / ambi selector

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