Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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NVS 7-2/WA

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NVS 7-2/WA (Wide Angle) breaks the common conception of night vision goggles design. No more 'tunnel vision'! By using the advanced 25 mm tube we get 60 degrees Field of View that provides 2.5 times larger spatial angle (58% horizontal x 58% vertical) than a conventional 40 degrees design. 


NVS 7-2/WA
Image Intensifier Tube modification (IIT)
Resolution, min, Lp/mm 45-57
Photocatode sensitivity500-700
Photocatode operating diameter25 mm
Photocatode typeMultialkali S-25
Signal – to – noise ratio, min16-23
Allowed black dots, Zone 1, 2, 3 max.1, 2, 2
Tube Life Min. 10 000 hours
Resistance to external mechanical shocks3 000 m/s (300 g)
Field of view60°
Dioptric correction±5
Objective F number1.35
Interpipillary distance, mm57-73
Exit pupil diameter, mm25
Focus range, m0.25
Power supply1 AA battery or 1 CR123 battery
Battery life, hoursOver 80 (Without I/R)Over 30 (With I/R)
Low battery indicatoryes
I/R ON indicatoryes
Ambient temperature range-40 to +55 °C
Waterproof 2 m, 2 hours
or up to 20 m (optional)
Dimensions, mm150 x 120 x 55
Weight, kg0.480 kg

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