Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

The NVS 10 family consists of unique Day / Night weapon scopes. These models allow the convenience of 24 hr/day usage.

The user switches between day and night modes with the flip of a lever. Now there is no need to carry separate Night Vision Weapon Scope and Day Scope! NVS10 scopes eliminate the tedious task of changing sights between Day and Night operations with consequent re-zeroing.

Smaller AR modification is intended for use on various 5.56mm and 7.62mm assault rifles with lower recoil.

NVS 10MG works with any weapon, including machine guns, antitank guns, grenade launchers, etc. The sights contain an adjustable brightness lit ballistic reticle. The reticle can be changed (at the factory) to match the particular weapon/ammunition combination.

Product Accessories:
- Weapon mount
- Carrying case
- Rubber eye guard
- Lens caps
- Manual
- Warranty card

Product Features:
- Suitable for a variety of weapons, including M16, AK 47 variants,  Carl Gustaff Grenade Launcher, RPG, Machine guns etc.
- Can be supplied with weaver (STANAG 1913) NATO mount, East   Block side mount or a custom mount
- Precise internal Windage/Elevation adjustment with audible clicks
- Lit ballistic reticle with adjustable brightness
- Internal Windage/Elevation adjustments
- Automatic brightness protection

SpecificationsNVS 10 ARNVS 10 MG
Image Intensifier Tube18 mm, Gen. 2+ or 3
Field of view, °10(day) / 14 (night)9
Objective lens focal length/F70 / F2.0108mm/F1.5
Objective lens diameter, mm3572
Focus range, m50 - ¥ 50 - ¥
Eyepiece relief distance, mm4250
Exit pupil diameter, mm99
Dioptric adj. relative to reticle±5-0.5...-1
Windage/Elevation adjustment, MoA±28±34
Windage/Elevation step, MoA1.00.7
Power supply 2x AA
Battery life, minimum, hours60
Operations temperature, °C-40…+55
Storage temperature-40…+70
Water resistant constructionNOYES
Dimensions, mm168x92x110308x190x95
Weight, kg0.91.8

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