Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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NVD-Tracker 2x24 DL Gen. 1+

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Observe the night in a new fashion as you try out Yukon Advanced Optics' new night vision binoculars. The Tracker line of night vision binoculars is compact, lightweight and provides a wide field of view. The water resistant body increases the binoculars' versatility, while the central focus knob and fixed eye span distance provide comfort and reliability. Tracker binoculars utilize built-in infrared illuminators for enhanced image clarity in total darkness. The soft, one-piece eyecup prevents external light distortion and light leakage from the device, allowing the user to remain hidden in the night. The flip-top ECLIPSE™ lens caps are an additional element that allows the lens caps to be moved out of the way with a twist of the wrist. NVB Tracker DL 2x24 possesses all the advantages of this series of night vision binoculars and has a number of additional features. Dual IR unit of NVB Tracker PRO 2x24 optimizes the observation process by night. The main IR illuminator enables concentrated vision at a distance of up to 150 m. The auxiliary wide-angle IR illuminator provides excellent panoramic picture at short range of up to 30 m. The LCD readout displays time, on/off mode, IR setting and battery level. 

Body Description

The night vision tubes housed in the rugged, RUBBER ARMORED™ body, provide high-quality viewing in night time conditions. 

Optics / Performance

Lenses of the binoculars are made of high-quality optical glass. Being fully multi-coated, they provide high resolution and light-gathering power that makes image quality really excellent. 

Electronics / Performance

The LCD unit displays time, battery level and IR setting. Automatic blanking in 8 seconds and toned semi-transparent cover of the LCD unit provide battery saving and minimize the probability of being discovered.

Image Tube Generation

Magnification, x2
Lens Diameter, mm24
Field of View, degree30
Eye Relief, mm12
Diopter Adjustment, D+/-5
Min. Range of Detection, m1
IR Illuminator, main/auxilliaryyes/yes
Power Supply, V3 (CR123A)
Length, mm175
Width, mm123
Height, mm72
Weight, kg0.6
LCD/Clock Readout, yes/noyes

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