Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

The Yukon NVRS-F 2.4x50 (gen.1) is an affordable scope that provides comfortable viewing and high performance and accurate shooting. NVRS-f 2.4x50 has a focusing objective lens to provide clear and sharp image even on the extremely short distance. This riflescope is equipped with the powerful and safe infra-red flashlights providing recognition of objects in absolute darkness. The riflescope is completed with the remote console to switch on a riflescope or its IR flashlight from an fore-end of rifle. The oblique ergonomic blinker protects an eye from extraneous flares, masks a green luminescence of the image intensifire tube. The construction of the NVRS-F 2.4x50 provides excellent damp-proofing of all item, including high-voltage part of the image intensifire tube, that guarantees uninterrupted and safe work of the device. The ON/OFF switch for power and the built-in Infrared Illuminator is designed to prevent hand cramps and accommodate users wearing gloves. And don't worry about re-mounting the NVRS-F after each use with its standard on-rifle carrying case. The case fits around the NVRS-F while it is mounted on the rifle for easy storage. The unit is fit with a flip-top objective lens cover that protects the high-quality image tube from intense light that could damage the tubes.

Body Description

NVRS-F 2.4x50 is equipped with one Weaver - rail on the body to attach diverse accessories: Yukon DSAS, Laser Aimer, Yukon IR-Flashlight. This is remarkable with its mass-dimensional characteristics and high light gathering capabilities. Small weight is provided by especially strong and light titanium body.

Optics / Performance

NVRS-F lenses have high frequent - contrast characteristics. All optical units are made of a qualitative glass with plotting of multilayer clarifying coatings. On cleanness a field of vision the riflescopes meet the requirements of the most exacting buyers and are considered as one of best.

Electronics / Performance

NVRS-F 2.4x50 has a noiseless power supply unit, designed specially for the Yukon Advanced Optics`night vision riflescopes. The electric equipment units of the riflescopes are reliably isolated, therefore a negative effect of the magnetic field of the Earth on a position of the aiming reticle is completely eliminated.

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