Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Nighthawk T3 Comp

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Adding to the versatility of the popular T 3, this new variant features a barrel with a built in compensator, yet retains the overall Commander length slide of this versatile compact.

The 45acp normally does not generate a huge amount of pressure, but modern day +P loads offered by premier manufacturers such as Cor-Bon, Winchester and Federal present increased muzzle flip on a standard 1911 since they are loaded to higher pressures to increase hollow point performance. This is where the T3 Comp comes into its own. Since the ports of the Schuemann Match Grade Barrel are positioned directly on top of the slide, the muzzle flip is reduced by forcing the energy of the blast downwards.

Another feature unique to the T3 Comp is the front sight being integrated into the barrel rather than being positioned on the slide. The slide is relieved to allow the hybrid comp ports to be blended into the cutout on the slide. A sight cut is made directly on to the port area of the barrel, so the front sight stays in line with the barrel while the slide retracts during shooting.

The new T3 Comp retains all of the familiar upgrades of the standard T3 that you have all come to admire. The addition of the new features allow this defensive fighting gun even more versatility.

The features include:

Schuemann Match Grade AET (Advanced Accelerated Threads) barrel
Frame and Slide cut from Forgings
Match-Grade Lightweight Trigger with Black-Out Finish Scheme
Heinie Slant-Pro front and rear sight Rear-of-Slide serrated to match
Forged Slide Stop cut flush with chamfered frame for easy removal
25lpi Front Strap Checkering for a positive non-abrasive grip
Proprietary T 3 Grips cut from G10
Complete De-Horn for easy concealed-carry

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