Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Nighthawk T3 4,25

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When it comes time to choose your every day carry gun there is a lot to consider. You need something that is reliable, accurate, and easy to wear all day. You need something that you can enjoy shooting a lot, because there is no substitute for practice. That’s where the T3 comes in. We designed this pistol to be pleasing to the eye, but also to be a work-horse that can stand up to thousands and thousands of rounds.

The T3 has the best features for any guns its size. The frame is based on the Officer model, but for those with large hands, it features an extended magazine well that gives you the length you need to get all your fingers on the grip. The extension also serves another function. When we attach an extended magazine well, we cut out a portion of the frame and really open it up to facilitate rapid reloading. The hand-cut geometric angles really add to the looks as well. The slide is a 4.25" Commander length that affords a better sight radius.

Another consideration is weight. The T3 actually weighs one ounce lighter than the 3.6" Talon IV.

Take down in the field is a snap since it has a standard bushing barrel; a seldom seen feature on small carry guns. A Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel is crowned flush with the Stainless bushing and Stainless Steel Recoil Plug. Our Forged Slide Stop is cut down flush with the frame and the frame has been chamfered for easy removal. Proprietary Black G10 grips give you a very secure grip even under the worst of circumstances.

Heinie Slant-Pro Straight Eights with tritium inserts are standard. The mainspring housing, as well as the rear of the slide, are horizontally serrated to match. This feature also helps to prevent snags on silk lined jackets and suit coats that checkering often causes. The top of the slide is also serrated to block any glare. A Nighthawk Custom® lightweight aluminum trigger that has been blacked-out using Perma Kote™ breaks between 3.5 and 4 lbs with no creep. When you put all of these features in one package, you come up with the finest carry gun you can own. All you add is practice.

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