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Nighthawk Heinie Tactical Carry 5

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A few months ago an article was published about the pistol you would never own, a Richard Heinie 1911. He stated in the article that Heinie was booked up past his 70th birthday with orders, and if you were not on the list already, it was too late to ever own one.

Shortly after the article was released, we were invited to attend an event put on by a large publishing house. Upon arriving we were introduced to several well known names in the industry, one of which was Richard Heinie. After we gave a presentation, everyone went to the range to try out our guns. Richard was impressed enough with the fit, finish and function of our guns to approach us about building his two most popular models, one of which is the 5" Tactical Carry that we are introducing here.

The Tactical Carry is a pistol that is made for the discerning shooter and reflects the craftsmanship of the Masters, along with absolute reliability and exceptional accuracy.

It is also a pistol that is made to be carried on a daily basis. Cutting off the frame, and then attaching the magazine well to keep the grip length to a minimum, is just one of the ways this pistol is made more carry friendly. Another is in the final preparation. Every rough area has been hand polished. Surface areas are gently shaped and contoured to the point where you can run your hand over the gun and feel the gentle flow of the metal. The normally square edges of the trigger guard are shaped and gently rounded. Every sharp serration of the slide is polished down by hand to a comfortable, yet positive edge. All of the edges of the dust cover are rounded off. The same treatment is given to the edges of the slide. Once you feel this pistol in your hands, you will know this is the one you have been waiting for.

Not only is the Tactical Carry the ultimate government size carry gun, but it is also a beauty to behold. You will see, as well as feel, what makes Richard Heinie’s pistols some of the most sought after 1911s on the planet. Things like a slide top that has been flattened and has very fine 40 lpi serrations running the length of it. A stainless Heinie Match Grade Barrel that is crowned perfectly flush with the bushing, under which resides a matching polished stainless recoil plug with the Heinie logo in its center. Smooth slides devoid of engraving with only a discreet Heinie logo behind the rear serrations.

The Heinie trigger is a solid type, but that is where the resemblance stops. If you look at the back of it, you will see how it has been skeletonized to reduce weight. The trigger bow has also been reduced in order to speed up the lock time. Every pistol will have an average of 3.75 to 3.99 lb trigger pull. They break like a glass rod with no creep.

With the combination of good looks, quality products and an extraordinary level of craftsmanship, you have a pistol that is truly a work of art, and yet will be your primary choice for everyday carry.


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