Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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About Global Response Pistol (GRP):

We live in a time when small skirmishes or major battles can erupt literally overnight. Members of our armed forces have to be ready on a moment’s notice to go to lands far away and take the fight to them, rather than wait until it happens here. When called upon, they need gear that is reliable and constructed for maximum performance, even under the most extreme conditions. That’s what we had in mind when we built the GRP family of 1911's. No frills in this cadre. Just high performance. It’s made to thrive under harsh environments. The Black Perma Kote™ finish is impervious to salt water, so it fits the mold for any branch of service. All components are designed for extended rugged use, whether in bitter cold or blinding heat. The slide stop, machined from a solid steel forging, is the toughest one to be found. We trim down its axle flush with the frame, and chamfer the frame around it for ease of removal. No accidental jams from pressing against it with your index finger under stress. With a crisp, clean, no creep trigger set at just under four pounds, and a superior solid stainless match grade barrel, accuracy (1”@ 25yds) is easily achieved. We know it’s rugged because we hear it straight from the men who carry it into harm’s way. If you’re looking for pretty cosmetics, this isn’t your first choice, but if you want something rugged that performs flawlessly time and time again, look no further. You’ve found it.

GRP Goes to Baghdad:

The professionals know that the 1911 is what to have on your belt. Nighthawk Custom takes a great deal of pride in sending them guns. We know it affords them the protection they need, and like them, it's professional grade.

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