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Model: MST100
Power: 10x
Length: 12.00
Weight: 2.25
Eye Relief: 3

The MST-100 and MST-150 were developed in the mid seventies by John Unertl in Mars, Pennsylvania for the USMC. These scopes were primarily built for the M40A1 .308 rifle, but were later also made for the .50BMG. Durability was a primary goal, so the complete scope housing and knobs were made from 1018 steel. The elevation knob was design with an integral BDC for the M118LR ammunition, the veneer ring below the main knob adjusts for 1/2MOA deviation from the BDC setting. When U.S. Optics received the refurbishment contract in 2000, the aging scopes were rebuilt to a higher standard than the originals. With the incorporation of the M40A3 rifle, the rifle now used a 30MOA base which created problems with the elevation and windage adjustments. U.S. Optics removed the two leaf springs and replaced them with a tapered coil spring to allow for perfect tracking. The scopes were also recoated with a durable Teflon coating to keep them from rusting during use. The original wire MIL-Dot reticle was replaced with a recoil resistant type that would survive the recoil created by the .50cal. Since the MST-100 and 150 were never offered to the general public, the demand for these scopes was very high. U.S. Optics decided to make a limited run of these scopes for the public with great success, so we have now decided to make another run of 100 only. With new materials and CNC technology, the new scope is a precise optical tool capable of competing with the best scopes on the market.

Basic System Specifications:

Tube: 1"
Color: Matte Black - Std
Reticle: Mil-Dot
Lit Reticle: No
Parallax: FIXED - Std
Objective: 42mm

About U.S. Optics, Inc.:

U.S. Optics Inc. was the brainchild of the former founder and President John Ben Williams Jr. The company had humble beginnings and was originally started from the garage of John’s residence in 1990. The idea to create an optics company that would fill the gap to provide truly custom telescopic rifle sights designed by the shooter for the shooter was born. This undertaking would take John down a road that he passionately followed and perused for over a decade.
John Ben Williams Jr. was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on June 30, 2004.

In the years that John had with us he truly revolutionized the way scopes are built. John built his optical line from the ground up with input from individuals with backgrounds in military and law-enforcement. The idea was simple, build an optical line that was better than anything ever offered before. John wanted every scope to be exactly what the customer wanted, not just a few models that could be bought off the shelf. John wanted riflescopes that would survive the rigors of the battlefield and not breakdown under the stresses that large caliber rifles would produce.

With a lifetime spent in the gunsmithing industry and a solid educational background John found success with his new optics business. John acquired machinery and tooling from the rapid downsizing of an aerospace company Rockwell Scientific.

Early on John recruited his son John Williams III to build out his dream with him. John III started with the company during its infancy in late 1990. Together this father and son team collaborated to develop their scopes to the standard that was needed to compete with other optical firms on the market.

Over the years that followed USO developed a reputation in the industry and became known for producing some of the best special purpose telescopic rifle sights in the world. Through dedication, perseverance and the highest standards USO has prevailed and thrived with constant innovation and updated product lines.

USO has sold scopes to Military outfits and Law Enforcement agencies through out the United States. We have also satisfied contract obligations with The Unites States Marine Corps. In 1999 the USMC inquired about refurbishing the aging MST-100 and was proud to be selected for this task. Over 150 scopes were successfully rebuilt for this contract.

With the passing of John’s father, John III was named CEO of US Optics and has continued to bring quality products and superior customer relations to the company. US Optics has a solid business platform and new product lines that ensure continued success in the future.


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