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M&P Guide Rod Laser

473.00 € with VAT

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Now you can finally outfit your full size Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm ,.40 & .357 caliber with a genuine LaserMax Guide Rod Laser.

The NEW Smith & Wesson M&P Guide Rod Laser, as with most of our Guide Rod Lasers, replaces the factory guide rod and spring to give you the most rugged and reliable laser sighting system on the market. This new addition to the Guide Rod Laser family has a special single sided activation switch which combines the teardrop activation similar to our 1911 switch, with the easy rotating installation of our Sig and XD switches. Once activated, the Guide Rod Laser for the M&P provides you with superior accuracy over various distances. Alignment of the laser is set here at the factory and will never lose that alignment, so there's no need for windage & elevation adjustment while on the range, after changing batteries, or accidentally dropping your firearm.

We've heard the incredible number of requests for this brand new laser sight which is now in production. Be one of the first to receive this new Guide Rod Laser.

Internal Laser Sight For:
Smith & Wesson M&P Full Size 9mm, .40 & .357 calibers


For: Full Size Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, .40 & .357 calibers

Battery Model: LMS-3x393 (readily available silver oxide batteries commonly used in watches)

Accuracy (20 yards): ±2" POA

Laser Operating Temperature: 15°-120° F

Wavelength: 635nm (red-orange)

Power Output: 5mW (brightest available - blinks for highest visibility)

Spot Size: at 7 yds 5/16”, spot size at 25 yds 3/4”.
If any firearm has been ported, fluted or compensated either by the original manufacturer or by a gunsmith, LaserMax will NOT guarantee alignment. Custom alignment quotes for firearms may be obtained by calling LaserMax.

Please Note:
1. Expect to change your batteries once a year with typical usage.
2. Battery operating temperature is 15°F-120°F

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