Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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LVLD-4804 Gen 2+ DEP DST

4 503.00 € with VAT

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

LVLD-48042 Gen 2+ DEP DST is the closest you can get to Generation 3 performance, without paying the Generation 3 price. LVLD-4804 Gen 2+ DEP represents combination of years of experience and the latest technological developments. The all-new design utilizes space-age materials to reduce the weight and improve recoil resistance. Standard features include a waterproof, nitrogen-purged housing, Mil-Dot illuminated Red-on-Green reticule, high-grade multi-coated optics, and a low profile heavy-duty Weaver mounting system. With guaranteed zero retention on heavy caliber weapons (including .50 BMG class), these are the systems of choice among Military and Law Enforcement professionals that have finally become available on the commercial market.

The picture about view through device LVLD-48042 with DEP image intensifier tube 2+ DST was making by aiming distance of 200 metres.


Maximum Recoil Rating

.375 H&H, .50 BMG and .416 Rigby

Image Intensifier

Generation 2+ DEP DST


45 to 56 lp/mm typical



Lens System

100mm f1.5



@1000 yards


@1000 meters

175 meters 

Range of Focus

33’ to infinity
10m to infinity

Detection Range

425 meters

Recognition Range

350 meters

Reticule Type

Mil-Dot (illuminated red-on-green)

Windage/Elevation Adjustments

¼ MOA/click

@100 yards


Diopter Adjustment

+3 to -4

Weather Resistant

Water Proof

Camera/Camcorder Adaptable


IR Illuminator

Yes (optional)

Battery Type/Life

AA(x2)/60 hours


9” x 3.5” x 4”
229mm x 89mm x 102mm


38 oz
1.1 kg

Operating Temperature

-40° F to 122° F
-40°C to +50°C


2 years

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