Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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The CNVD-LR is a rugged, long-range, clip-on night vision device based upon the very successful M2124 CNVD (AN/PVS-24) and was designed for higher caliber platforms and long range identification and engagement. It can also be used as a handheld or tri-pod observation platform when paired with a high-quality daytime optic.
It uses an Gen. 3 with tubes proven reliable for superior shock-resistance. The CNVD-LR is perfect for border patrols, first responders, special teams with need for high reliability and high resolution, pro sporting staff, and other discerning professionals.


– Converts Existing Optics to Night Vision without significantly shifting Zero (less than .4 MOA per manufacturer spec)
– Maintains consistent eye relief and shooting position, as well as retaining user muscle memory


– CNVD-LR Mounts In-line with Standard Day Optics and uses Quick-Disconnect Mount for MIL-STD-1913 Rail Systems
– Low Battery Indicator and Reverse Polarity Battery Protection
– Maintains Shooting Position and Eye Relief as CNVD-LR Mounts In-line with Standard Day Optics
– Extended detection and effective ranges of up to 1000m (1200yd) or more depending upon ambient light levels

Performance parameters:

Magnification: 1X
Field of view: 8°
Focal length: 110mm
Minimum focus: distance 25m
Detection range: 850m
Autogated Gen. 3 Image Tube
Resolution: Ip/mm 64 (min)
Photocathode sensitivity 2856°K: UA/Im 1,800 (min)
@830 nm, mA/W 190 (min)
Signal to noise ratio: 21.0 (min)
Size: 20.5cm x 9.7cm x 7.7cm
Weight: 771g with battery
Color taupe
Warranty: 1 year
Power source: 1 CR123 lithium battery
Battery life: 16 hours at room temperature
Low battery indicator

Standard equipment:

Quick disconnect mount
Batteries (CR123)
Lens cleaning kit
Adjustable wrenches
Soft carrying case
Operation manual

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