Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Predictive and preventative maintenance      
Electricity inspections
Building diagnostics   
Veterinarian helper     
Portable law enforcement      

Features and Benefits:

New-generation high-performance IR detector
Intuitive detachable touch screen& remote control handle
High thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurement
High-resolution image presentation
Real-time radiometric recording and JPEG image storage
High-speed data transfer via USB2.0
Synchronous video output on VGA LCD screen
OLED viewfinder,VGA display device & TV display device
Ultra-large-capacity 2GB SD memory card
Compact architecture and intuitive touch screen control
Robust post-processing software
License free and rapid delivery  

Technical Specifications:

Image Performance
Detector Type
Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer, 384×288 pixels, 25μm
Spectral range
Field of View(FOV)
Version A
Standard lens  21.7°×16.4°/25mm
Optional wide-angle lens 44.3°x 33.9°/11.8mm
Optional tele lens 7.8°x 5.9°/70mm
Filed of View(FOV)
Version B
Standard lens  15.6°×11.7°/35mm
Optional wide-angle lens 33.4°x 25.4°/16mm
Optional tele lens 55°x 4.1°/100mm
Thermal Sensitivity
≤0.08 at 30
Image Presentation
External Display
3.5″ high resolution color VGA LCD, 640×480 pixels
Image display
Thermal image alone/ Visual image alone/ Picture in picture/Image fusion
Temperature Range
-20 to 800
(Up to +2000
-20 to 600
(Up to +2000
±2 or ±2% of reading
Measurement Modes
Spot, area, isotherm, line profile, auto hot spot, auto alarm
Auto hot/cold spot,auto alarm for temperature above or below; spots,areas displaying
either max,min,or average,vertical&horizontal line profile,delta-t,histogram&isotherm in
live/zoom/frozen/saved image&video Auto hot spot & auto alarm in live/ zoomed image & video; 10 movable spots, 10 movable & changeable areas displaying either max, min, or average, vertical & horizontal line profile, histogram & isotherm in live/zoomed/frozen/saved image & video
Image Storage
Removable 2GB SD card or built-in flash memory
Voice Annotation
Up to 60 seconds per file
Laser Locator
Classification Type
Class 2 semiconductor laser
Power System
Battery Type
Rechargeable Li-ion Camcorder battery, filed-replaceable
Battery Operating time
Over 2.5 hours continuous operation
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature
-20 to 60 
Storage Temperature
-20 to 60 
USB 2.0
Image and real-time video transfer to PC
Real-time control of the camera on PC
Image transfer to PC
RS232 Communication
Control of the camera on PC
Control of the camera on PC
Physical Characteristics
186mm×106mm×83mm(standard model)
1.1kg( including battery & LCD)



Measurement distance and FOV:

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