Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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The LVL-FTS-22 Thermal Imaging Scope is designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes or spotting scopes. Featuring fast, real time performance. The device has been built in accordance with the proprietary LDH™ Concept (Light Durable Housing) using a strong, light weight aluminum housing.
For optimal performance use the LVL-FTS-22 with 2X—4X variable magnification day scopes. Great performance and accuracy may be achieved by manipulating the optical magnification of the day scope as well as the digital zoom and polarity of LVL-FTS-22. The device is be supplied with one of 2 types of mounting brackets:

Type 1: 40-50 mm (External Diameter of Objective)
Type 2: 51-62 mm( External Diameter of Objective)


•    Designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes
•    Shutterless and Soundless
•    Low Power Consumption
•    Light Weight, Compact Size
•    Interchangeable Optics
•    24 Hour Operation


Spectral Response    8-12 im
F.P.A. Sensor Format    384 x 288
Thermal Sensitivity    50 mK
Refresh Rate    60 Hz
Start-Up Time    ~2-4 sec.
Display Type/Resolution    852 X 640 OLED
“Cross Hair” reticle    No
Lens Size, F    25 mm, F: 1.0
Magnification    1X (Digital Zoom 2X, 4X)
Detection Range Human Figure    Up to 300 Yards
Detection Range Idling Car    Up to 500 Yards
Powered By    1 X CR123 Battery
Continuous Operation time on one set of batteries    Up to 5 hours
Weight    16 Oz (460 Grams)
Dimensions    5.3" x  2" x 1.75" (135mm x 50mm x 45mm)

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