Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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LVL PS-40 Gen.3 Xtreme

7 270.00 € with VAT

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This device with image intesifier tube Gen.3  Xtreme has resolution min. 64 lp/mm, S/N Ratio min. 21, photocathode sensitivity min. 1800 µA/lum and gain between 40 000x-70 000x. Lifetime is minimal 10 000+ hours

Representing the latest advancement in Night Vision Optics, the ATN PS40- gen. 3 Xtreme gives your daytime scope Night Vision capability in a matter of seconds. The ATN PS40-gen. 3 Xtreme mounts in front of a Daytime Scope to enable nighttime operation. No shift of impact, no need to rezero nor change of eye relief occurs. The ATN PS40-gen. 3 Xtreme uses the latest in image intensifier tube technology for outstanding resolution and performance.

Precision optical alignment is essential for a front sight system to work properly. This is why each ATN PS40-gen. 3 Xtreme is individually tested and aligned on an optical scale by our engineers to provide perfect alignment. The ATN PS40-gen. 3 Xtreme is one of the most compact and lightweight NV systems in its class, at only 840 grams.


Easily changes daytime scope to Night Vision
Mounts in front of the daytime scope, no re-zeroing required
Multi-coated all-glass optics
Fast catadioptic front lens system
Large 40 mm output window
Lightweight and rugged
Comes with Quick Release Mount
Optional 7/8” weaver mount
Optional Scope Mounting System attaches the PS40 unit to the objective of the day scope (47-50; 56-58.7 mm diameter)


Total Darkness IR System  Yes 
"SMART" Technology  No 
IIT Generation  Xtreme
Resolution: min. 64 lp/mm    
Magnification  1x
Lens System  F1:1.44, 80mm 
Proshield Lens Coating  Yes 
FOV  12° 
Exit Pupil  40 mm 
Range of Focus  10 m to infinity 
Diopter Adjustment  No 
Controls  Direct 
Remote Control  Yes 
Automatic Brightness Control  Yes 
Bright Light Cut-off  Yes 
Infrared Illuminator  Detachable IR450 (optional) 
IR Indicator  Yes
Low Battery Indicator  Yes
Power Supply  1x1.5 V AA type battery or
1x3 V CR123A type battery
Battery Life  60 hours (3 V)
30 hours (1.5 V)
Reticle System  No 
Windage & Elewation Adjustment  No 
Environmental Rating  Waterproof 
MIL-STD-810  Yes 
Operating Temperature  -20 to +50 °C 
Storage Temperature  -50 to +50 °C 
Dimensions  177x85x83 mm
Weight  0.84 kg / 1.85 lbs

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