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Diamondback Firearms have turned the thriving mini-.380 market on its ear with the immensely popular DB380.  Sporting an original design and quality construction, the US-made DB380 is highly regarded for its safety and exceptional shootability for a micro-compact.  Crimson Trace® is proud to offer laser sights for Diamondback DB380.  Our unique LG-491 Laserguard attaches firmly to the triggerguard, offering instant targeting with instinctive activation.

Laser Sight for Diamondback DB380 & DB9
Front Activation Laserguard®
Fits: Diamondback DB380 & DB9

Specifically designed to fit securely around the trigger guard of the compact DB380 and DB9, this instinctively activated laser sight adds the ease of sighting via a rubber-overmolded front switch. All Crimson Trace products are sighted in at 50 feet prior to shipping and feature windage and elevation adjustments for the user to fully customize thier Laserguard® to any distance. Easily attach this LG-491 around the trigger guard with the two provided screws.

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Technical Specs:
Platform Laserguard®
Attachment Trigger Gaurd Attachment
Activation Instinctive Activation - Front
Material(s) Polymer and Rubber Combination Grip
Installation User Installed, No Gunsmithing Necessary
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50 feet
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Battery Life Four Hours
Battery Type 1/3N 3V Lithium (1), OR 357 Silver Oxide Batteries (2)
On/Off Switch No
Laser Output 5mW peak, 633nm, Class 3R Red Laser
Laser Visibility Aproximately .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
Warranty 3 Years Complete
Fits Model(s) Diamondback DB380
Wrench Size .05

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