Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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ITAL Classic

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Rugged, compact and fully waterproof, the ITAL classic lasers are used by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

ITAL's mount on flat top rifles with a cropped front sight. The laser aligns with the center of barrel. Classic models can be equipped with either a visible Super Power Point laser or an infrared laser for use with night vision devices.


Supplied with:

Quick Release Mount or Thumb Screw Mount
6 in. remote cable pressure pad switch (specify cable length if different from standard)

Features Include

Specifically designed for flat top rifles
NATO #1005-99-535-5506
Waterproof to 3 meters
Meets MIL-STD-810F for adverse environmental conditions
Compact and ultra-light--minimizes weight added to front of weapon
Fully adjustable windage and elevation
Low profile allows the laser to be mounted in front and accommodate scopes, holographic sights or night vision devices
Fits all MIL-SPEC-1913 rails
Manufactured in the U.S.A.



Waterproof to 3 meters

.73 in. / 1.9 cm

2.8 in. / 7.2 cm

Limited Warranty
1 year

Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061T-6

4.9 oz. / 138.9 grams (with battery)

1.4 in. / 3.6 cm


One 1.5-volt AA

Battery Life
5 hours continuous

Full Angle Beam Divergence
0.3 mrad

Laser Type
Visible pointer: Laser Class IIIa
IR pointer: Laser Class IIIb

Power Output
Visible pointer: <5mW
IR pointer: <1mW

Visible Pointer (Night / Day): 450 meters / 30 meters
IR Pointer: 600 meters

Visible pointer: 635nm
IR pointer: 835nm

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