Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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DN-33 Gen.2+ Prestige

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This device with image intesifier tube Gen.2+ Prestige has resolution min. 57 lp/mm, S/N Ratio min. 20, photocathode sensitivity min. 650 µA/lum  and gain 35 000-45 000. Lifetime is minimal 10 000 hours

Night vision attachment DN33 is intended for application together with majority of day sights. DN33 design allows quickly and safe to attach it to the front of a day sight and to make possible aiming shots in low light conditions without additional adjusting day sight. Ergonomic design, high aperture optics, reliability, compactness and light weight provide comfort to a user during observation and shooting at night and twilling.
DN33 design provides the possibility to mount it on different types of day sights:

1. With the help of a special adaptor the night vision attachment can be twisted in an objective lens of a day sight, if it has a thread inside of a blend.
2. By means of special adaptors it is possible to attach the night vision attachment DN33 to an objective lens. The set of inserts of different sizes provides its attaching to the following objective lens diameters: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62.
3. Using a special adaptor it is possible to mount the attachment on a weaver directly in front of an objective lens of a day sight.

IIT, generations 2+, 3
Visible magnification, X 1x
Angle field of view, degree 13
Objective lens type lens
Objective lens focal length, mm 80
Effective aperture lens 1:1,6
Objective lens diameter, mm 50
Focus limit, m from 12 to infinity
Exit pupil diameter, mm 40
Power source, voltage CR 123A,3 V
Operating time if powered by one battery, hours, not less than 54
Port for connecting a remote power source yes
Drift of pointing direction when the attachment is mounted in front
of a sight on a weapon with Picatinny rail MIL STD 1913,
angular minute, not more than  0,5
Maximal height of optical axis over Weaver rail, mm:
— with an adaptor from the set (changes possible on request)  35,5
Possibility of attaching a day sight to objective lens yes
Dimensions (length x width x height), mm. 214 x 62 x 62
Weight, kg 0,65
Operating temperature range, °C - 30 …+ 50
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 / on request IPX6 / IPX8
Adaptor for mounting on a weapon with Picatinny rail MIL STD 19133 1 pc..
Light protection for usage of the attachment on a weapon
with Picatinny rail MIL STD 19133 1 pc.
Clamp 1 for attaching a day sight directly to objective lens  1 pc.
Set of inserts for clamp 1, diameters of day sight objective lens, mm
changes possible on request) 42 /46.7 /48 /49 /50
Clamp 2 for attaching a day sight directly to objective lens 1 pc.
Set of inserts for clamp 2, diameters of day sight objective lens, mm
(changes possible on request) 56/ 58 / 60 /62
Ring for attaching the attachment by means of thread to day sight objective lens, thread type ?57?0.75
Remote power source for batteries AA – 2 pieces with attachment’s on/off switch 1 pc.
Adaptor for mounting remote power source and hinged
IR illuminator, attaching adaptor’s diameter for a day sight, mm 25,4 / 30

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