Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Digital NV Ranger 5x42 Video Kit

632.00 € with VAT

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Ranger 5x42 is a fundamentally new night vision device with a number of unique advantageous features that came as a result of modern optical and digital technologies. Being quite different from the Gen.1 devices, Ranger 5x42 can surely compete with the Gen.2 in image sharpness and brightness. The image is produced on the black and white LCD screen with adjustable brightness control and constant sharpness along the entire fields of view. The dual mode IR illumination system complemented with five power magnification ensures perfect view regardless light conditions. The device’s IR-illuminator operates in the remote field of the IR-range (940nm), invisible by the unaided eye and has a gradual power intensity adjustment function and memorization of a fixed emanation level. The Ranger 5x42 is fully self-contained (powered with six AA batteries) but can also operate on external sources (stationary or car power supply). The Ranger 5x42 is meant not only for viewing. The video out enables you to broadcast the image to the display and, if necessary, record by means of the Yukon Mobile Player/Recorder (included) or other recording devices.

Video out

The direct built-in video recording output enables image transmission as well as video recording on peripheral equipment (monitor etc.) while carrying out stationary or mobile observations.

Yukon MPR

Video recording and viewing the image (pictures, video clips) produced by the matrix of the Ranger 5x42 Night Vision Digital Device. The Yukon MPR is equipped with a case to fix it on the Ranger 5x42 in field conditions.


The 42mm objective lens is distinguished by improved frequency and contrast characteristics. The objective lens made of high-quality optical glass is fully multicoated


The Ranger can operate on external power sources such as vehicle's or stationary power grid (the device is equipped with a special output for that) or independently on AA batteries/accumulators. The device is delivered with a car adapter and variable power switching adapter.

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