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DeLuxe Vest

630.00 € with VAT

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All EnGarde products come with a 10 year warranty for the ballistic properties. For the same long warranty you must usually buy two vests from competitive manufacturers! 

The EnGarde De Luxe Undergarment Vest is only for those who demand uncompromised performance and is an ideal choice for law enforcement officers and security personnel. It is a technologically concealable body armor and uses DYNEEMA®; to deliver maximum protection.

The vest weighs just 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs) without sacrificing performance. The front, back and sides of the armor provide NIJ level IIIA protection from firearms. The EnGarde De Luxe Undergarment Vest comes with a 10 year warranty for the ballistic properties of the vest.

Police officers of the Slovak Republic Police Department tested the EnGarde body armor products for a month during routine working days. Click here to see the results of this 30-day wearing test.

Ballistic material: DYNEEMA®
Ballistic technology: ENGARDEIIIA-PRO
Carrier material: Cotton twill
NIJ protection level: IIIA
Weight: 1.9 kg / 4.2 lbs

Color: black / white / navy blue

Price / pc:

S630 €
M655 €
L663 €
XL700 €
XXL710 €
XXXL725 €

The new DeLuxe carrier includes inside pockets for ballistic inserts.

Available Hard Armor inserts:
Dyneema   NIJ Level III  657,24 € = 19 800 Sk (2 pcs)
Aramid/Ceramic   NIJ Level IV  597,49 € = 18 000 Sk (2 pcs)

New TitanSkin Anti-Stab panel gives in combination with the DeLuxe vest the wearer of the vest a Level I protection against spikes and ice picks. To see an official TNO test report click here.

TitanSkin Anti-Stab panel    Spike Level I   149,37 €  = 4 500 Sk (with vest)
TitanSkin Anti-Stab panel    Spike Level I   215,76 € = 6 500 Sk (without vest)

For more information, please visit web pages:



For detailed test results of the ENGARDEIIIA-PRO please click here

EnGarde vests comply with the NIJ 2005 standard (US National Institute of Justice) and with the strict German standard SK1 (Technische Richtlinie 12/2003).


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