Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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D-7 Gen 2+ DEP DST

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This device with image intesifier tube Gen.2+ DEP - Photonis in version DST has resolution 65-69 lp/mm (typical ), S/N Ratio 22-26, photocathode sensitivity 675-736 µA/lum and gain between 9 850x - 11 070x. Lifetime is minimal 4000-6000+ hours. This is definitely not DEP 0 version. Real parameters DEP DST are in general much higher against minimal guaranteed parameters and parameters DEP 0 too.

D-7 is “single tube, dual eye” the most common optical concept Night Vision Goggles. Device has unique feature: built-in miniature camera allows to connect D-7 via "Video-Out" to wireless transmitter or any video monitor. Utilizing latest starlight technology its compact and ergonomic design includes Infrared illuminator. An Infrared indicator and low battery warning is fibre optically displayed within the user's field of view. Fully adjustable, padded Headgear allows the device to be flipped-up or quickly detached from the mask.

Optional 4X or 7X magnification multicoated lens will convert this device into a high performance long range binoculars D-7B and D-7B7. Night Vision Goggles D-7 lightweight, fully submersible, rugged, precisely built and easy to use.


Field of View50 deg.
Intensifier tubeGen. 2+ DEP DST
Resolution65-69 lp/mm
Automatic Brightness Control (ABC)Yes
Lens systemf1.1/26 mm
Diopter Adjustments+2/-6
Power supply CR123 battery, 3V
Battery Life40 hours
Dimensions 143 x 114 x 51 mm
Weight 480 grams




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