Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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D-300 Gen 2+ Mil-Spec

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D-300 Gen 2+ Mil-Grade offers an upgraded level of performance in the price-oriented Generation 2+ category. The long list of standard features such as Mil. Spec. optics, high-power multi stage infrared illuminator, and internal low battery and infrared indicators are packaged into a compact and rugged housing. With the use of optional accessories, D-300 can be configured for a multitude of mission requirements:

Hand held spotting scope (can be used alone, with optional magnification lenses, or attached to a daytime spotting scope with the optional universal adapter)

Hands free mono-goggle (with the optional headgears or helmet mount)

Day/Night weapon sight (with the use of the optional weapon mount and EoTech, or attached to an existing rifle scope with the optional universal adapter)

Surveillance and night-time photography (with the use of the optional camera adapter) 


Image Intensifier

Generation 2+ US
Resolution28-38 lp/mm
Magnification1x (3x or 5x optional)
Lens System25 mm f1.2
@1000 yards2099'
@1000 meters640 meters 
Range of Focus10'' to infinity
25 cm to infinity
Detection Range656'
200 meters
Recognition Range495'
150 meters
Diopter Adjustment+2 to -4
Weather ResistantYes
Camera/Camcorder AdaptableYes
IR IlluminatorYes
Battery Type/LifeCR123/40 hours
Dimensions5.5" x 1.8" x 2.5"
140mm x 46mm x 64mm
Weight16 oz
454 grams
Operating Temperature-4° F to 113° F
-20°C to +45°C
Warranty2 years


Pelican Hard Case 1050
Soft Carry Case
Tube Data Sheet
One 3V CR123 Battery
Operating Manual
Warranty Card  W

Available Accessories:

3x Commercial Lens (requires 2)
3X Mil. Spec. Lens (requires adapter)
5X Mil Spec Lens (requires adapter)
Commercial Flip-Up Headgear (requires adapter)
Mil.Spec. Headgear (requires adapter)
Helmet Mount (requires adapter)
Adapter for Mil.Spec. Headgear/Helmet Mount
Camera Adapter
ELR IR Illuminator
Weapon Mount Mil Spec M69
WWeapon Mount Mil. Spec.
GG&G 1016B Multi-Flex Base
GG&G 1016R ITT PVS-14 Mounting Ring
EOTech 551 "N Cell" HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight
EOTech 552 "AA" HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight
GG&G 1190 AccuCam Quick Detach Locking Lever System for EoTech 551/552
A.R.M.S.® #22M68 Throw Lever® Ring
A.R.M.S.® #22M68 Spacer
GG&G 1014 Aimpoint® Cantilever Ring
GG&G 1191 AccuCam Quick Detach Aimpoint® Cantilever Ring
Aimpoint® 3x Magnifier
GG&G 1233 3x Adapter Plate
Aimpoint® Twist Mount for 3XMAG
Pelican Hard Case 1060
Pelican Hard Case 1150
Pelican Hard Case 1200
Pelican Hard Case 1400
Pelican Hard Case 1500





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