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Chris Costa Recon

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Spend a day with Chris Costa in one of his classes and you will see why he is in such high demand. His shooting skills are among the very best, and he has the ability to teach those skills to a large variety of people. Students in his class range from high-speed elite law enforcement and military units, to the average guy who just wants to hone his shooting skills in order to protect his loved ones. Chris also has an uncanny way of making every student feel like they are spending time learning from an old friend. Needless to say, this provides for a great learning environment.
Chris is no stranger to Nighthawk Custom®. He's been running our pistols and shotguns hard for the past two years. When he decided to step out and form his own company, COSTA LUDUS, we did not hesitate a second to join ranks with him. We count it as privilege to be associated with him we are very proud to announce the new COSTA SIGNATURE SERIES line of 1911 handguns. Working in conjunction with Chris, we set out to design the ideal fighting 1911. The resulting collaborative effort between us produced two fabulous new pistols: a full size tactical model and a compact model that is perfect for concealed carry. Visit his webpage for more information:

When we were approached by Chris Costa to do a new pistol model to his exact specifications, we jumped at the opportunity. We started with a full size fighting weapon, the Costa Recon. The Costa Recon has many new features that make this pistol one tough, reliable weapon. The slide has been machined to have a completely different look and feel than any of other models, with a multi-faceted slide top. The slide has top serrations culminating in an arrow point at the front to direct shooters’ eyes to the red fiber optic front sight. This model incorporates our new EVERLAST™ Recoil system, which allows shooters to go over 10,000 rounds without a spring change. Some of the other features include our new fully machined one piece mainspring housing / magwell with a rounded butt, Jardine Tactical Hook® rear sights, and an extreme high cut checkered front strap. In short, the Costa Recon has everything that Chris wanted to incorporate into his idea of the perfect 1911.


Integrated recon light rail compatible with a Surefire X300 tactical light
Unique multi-faceted slide
Serrated arrow style slide top
Heavy bevel on bottom of slide
Hand serrated rear of slide
Barrel is crowned and beveled flush with the bushing
One-piece fully machined 20 lpi checkered mainspring housing/magwell
High cut front strap
Lightweight aluminum medium solid Match trigger
Aggressive 10-8 Performance® Hyena Brown grips
Red fiber optic front sights (Tritium dot front sight upgrade available)
Jardine Rear Black Sights (No other rear sight available)
Extended Tactical Mag Catch
Nighthawk Custom/Marvel EVERLAST™ Recoil System
COSTA™ logo engraved in silver after finish


Height: 5 5/8"
5" Barrel Length
2 lb. 8 oz.
Tactical single-side or Ambi-safety upgrade available
Melonite finish in Black only
Available in .45 ACP only

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