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Bob Marvel Custom 1911

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It has been our good fortune to be associated with, and become personal friends with, some of the finest Custom 1911 builders in the industry today. Bob Marvel has garnered a stellar reputation in his own right and is highly acclaimed by consumers and professionals alike. Orders for his hand-built firearms are literally years backlogged, so the chance for you to own one of them is very slim. Bob is also well known for his new and innovative parts and accessories that have been developed to help gunsmiths build a finer custom 1911. Late in 2011 Bob Marvel decided that he would train one of our Master Gunsmiths to build one of his most popular custom models. This involved literally months of training and preparation. The time was well spent, and has produced what we consider to be one of the finest and most unique models we have offered to date. This model incorporates several features that are new to the 1911 market, one of which is the new Nighthawk / Marvel Everlast™ Recoil System™. This new recoil system allows a shooter to go at least 10,000 rounds before a spring change is necessary. Felt recoil and muzzle flip are also dramatically reduced. The proprietary barrel system is unique to any we have ever produced. The groups at 50 yards are beyond the capabilities of the average shooter. Other features include fully adjustable sights that have been recessed into the slide, and are fully dehorned, which allow the shooter to change zero to whatever distance they intend to shoot. As mentioned earlier, this model will only be built under license by Bob Marvel® by our Master Gunsmith that he personally trained to follow his exact specifications. Don’t miss this opportunity to add one of these to your collection. They are destined to become heirlooms in the future.


Hand stippling on top of slide
Bull nose front taper
Proprietary Bull barrel system
French border on top of slide
Fully adjustable Bob Marvel recessed rear sights
Heavy bevel on bottom of slide
One-piece mainspring housing / magwell
High cut front strap
Lightweight aluminum medium solid Match trigger
Nighthawk Custom / Marvel EVERLAST™ Recoil System


Height: 5 5/8"
4.25" Barrel Length
2 lb. 6 oz.
Tactical single-side safety
Bob Marvel Fully Adjustable Sight
Perma Kote™ finish in Black only
All stainless upgrade also available
Available in .45ACP only

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