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Ballistic / Fragmentation Blanket

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A lightweight and portable ballistic and fragmentation resistant blanket. The blanket can be configured in any shape or size; and can be easily folded over, or placed on top of any ballistic threat.

Standard Features
• Removable ballistic panels
• Carrying handles
• Washable outer covers

Black, Blue, Olive Drab

Standard Sizes
• 1m x 1m (3.3ft x 3.3ft)
• 1.5m x 1.5m (4.9ft x 4.9ft)
• 2m x 2m (6.6ft x 6.6ft)

Options / Accessories
• Flame retardant outer fabric
• Carrier bag
• Safety Ring

Protection Levels
• National Institute of Justice (NIJ)*

II: Protects against 9mm FMJ and 357 Magnum JSP
IIIA: Protects against 9mm FMJ and 44 Magnum SJHP

*In accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.04 (June 2001).

• V50 (Fragmentation Resistance)

V3: V50 of 300 m/s (984 ft/s)
V4: V50 of 400 m/s (1312 ft/s)
V5: V50 of 500 m/s (1640 ft/s)
V6: V50 of 600 m/s (1968 ft/s)

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