Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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ATN PS-23 Gen.2+

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The PS-23 Night Vision goggles is one of the most versatile night vision devices available. This unit can be handheld, head-mounted for hands free usage, it is camera/ camcorder adaptable, and can be 3x binocular. The intergrated IR illuminator enhances the ability of the user to read maps and operate in confined, zero light areas. The PS-23 is available with several image intensifier options to meet a wide array of specification requirements. The PS-23 night vision goggles is a complex opticoelectronic system for individual use. The device consists of the objective lens assembly, eyepiece and the body. The body contains an image intensifier tubes assembly with an integrated high voltage power source and the battery housing.

• High Quality light intensifier tube
• Super fast lens system provides the user with a clear and sharp image
• Built-in Infra Red illuminator lets you see even in total darkness
• 3x lenses (optional)
• Adjustable Flip-up headmount for hands free use
• IR-on and Low Battery indicators
• Single switch knob operation
• Automatic brightness control for high-light protection, unit will turn off automatically if exposed to excessive light for more than 10 seconds. If the unit is move away from the bright light, it will reactivate automatically.
• Rugged and versatile design
• Camera/camcorder-adaptable
• Uses one 3V lithium battery
• Environmental: Water resistantr
• Lifetime warranty


Magnification1X (optional 3X)
Detection range200 m/y
Recognition range150 m/y
Lens System 24 mm; F1:1.2
Field of view40°
Interpupillary adjustment55mm-72mm
Resolution36-45 lp/mm
Range of Focus0.25m to infinity
Power Supply3 volt battery (CR123A)
Battery Life35 hours (10 hours with IR illuminator)
Operating Temp.-40°C to +40°C
Waterproof.20 m for 1 hour
Dimensions151x85x120 mm (6” x 3.4” x 4.7”)
Weight0.7kg (1.5 lb)

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