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Working together with Firearms Officers, Highmark has developed and patented an innovative Protection System for Armed Response Vehicle Personnel. The system attaches to the roof or bonnet of vehicles and creates a Safe Zone on the side of the vehicle, allowing for the officer to stand or kneel in safety.


• Compact and easily deployed
• Deployed in approx. 5 seconds
• Can be rolled up and stored in an easily transportable holdall style carrier
• Weight approx. 9.5kgs
• High level of Ballistic Protection is given to the Officer
• The system can also be used away from the vehicle, such as hedges or fences
• The blanket section is designed with the facility to fit 250mm x 300mm Hard Armour Plates
• The blanket section of the system can be removed and used as a portable shield
• The blanket also doubles as an emergency stretcher


The ARV Bolster can be supplied in a soft armour solution to protect against the following threats:

- NIJ Level IIA
- NIJ Level II
- NIJ Level IIIA

Additional Hard Armour Plates can be supplied to upgrade protection against:

- NIJ Level III
- NIJ Level III+
- NIJ Level IV

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