Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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Aimpoint Twist Lock PVS-14 Adapter

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

Provides A Quick Detach Method For Mounting
A PVS-14 To The Aimpoint Twist Lock Base

The Aimpoint Twist Lock Base was originally designed to provide a quick release base for The Aimpoint 3X power magnifier. There is no doubt that it is a sturdy and combat proven system. Our New Product Development Team thought it would be great for those individuals that have this system, to also have the flexibility to mount an ITT PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular behind the optic utilizing the same Aimpoint QD Twist Lock Base.

Our team came up with a unique ring adapter that easily attaches to the ITT PVS-14 and quickly mounts directly to the Aimpoint QD Twist Lock Base. The new GG&G PVS-14 Mounting Ring engages the Aimpoint Base in the same manner as the Aimpoint 3X power magnifier, and provides a solid mounting platform for the night vision monocular. The end user can now go from no magnification, 3X power magnification, or night vision without having to remove the Aimpoint base. The GG&G PVS-14 Mounting Ring provides the correct height to co-align with the Aimpoint Comp Series of optics when mounted in both GG&G Aimpoint Cantilever Rings as well as when mounted in the Aimpoint QRP Ring with spacer. It will also co-align with most night vision compatible EOTech optics when mounted directly to the upper receiver.

The PVS-14 Adapter Ring is a professional-quality night vision mount manufactured from one sold piece of 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III hard coat anodized matte black per mil-spec.

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