Nightvision devices in Gen.3 with white phosphor available now.

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AIM - Advance Integrated Mount

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The Armasight AIM (Advance Integrated Mount) is a ground-breaking and exciting new concept. This night vision accessory allows the operator to convert our night vision monoculars to a weapon sight. AIM is housed in a low-profile housing which also incorporates a Picatinny mount on the underside, and a dovetail mount on the top. By optional day optics, the AIM can be bore-sighted to your rifle, meaning that the operator can switch between modes as required.
Unlike conventional systems that require the night vision unit to be mounted behind a day optic, AIM projects the reticle directly into the Night Vision monocular lens! In practice, what this means is that there is no longer a reduced field of view through the night vision device, or any shadowed area that is difficult to see trough (caused by conventional red-dot sights optics or outer edges). A small “HUD” type prism on the front of the AIM unit projects a 65MOA “Circle“ and single 3.2MOA center aiming “Dot“ directly into the night vision lens. The electro-optical aiming system consists of a collimated LED diode module, with dedicated windage and elevation adjustments, prismatic output window, power supply and 0-to-11 brightness adjustment switch.
Manufactured to high tolerances from aluminum alloy, the AIM mount system is light, robust, and designed to fit any Weaver or MIL STD 1913/Picatinny rails. Additionally the Armasight AIM features lockable, adjustable quick-release levers for easy, quick and reliable mounting and removal.
The Armasight AIM is an excellent choice for the on-a-budget night time hunter SOF assaulter constantly evaluating mission gear for size and weight, or for a police officer that needs to switch from patrolman duty to SWAT operation.

• Converts our Night Vision Monoculars to a Weapon Sight
• Fast and Easy Target Acquisition
• AIM Eliminates the need for Infrared Laser or Red Dot Sight
• No obstructing optics or parts in your field of view
• The only solution providing 100% full Field Of View of NVD
• Adjustable Reticle Brightness
• Optional 1X and 3.5X Day-Time Aiming Solutions
• Fits any Picatinny or Weaver Rails with adjustable, locking, quick-detach Mount


Focusing Range (m)                                        from 100 to infinity
Exit Pupil (mm)                                               +2x6
Reticle size for                                          
                 -«Dot» pattern (MOA)                     3,2±0,3
                 -«Circle» pattern (MOA)                   65±2
Adjustment Precision Range (degrees of arc)         ±1,5
Reticle Illumination Adjustments                           manual
Levels of Reticle Brightness                                 11
Power (V)                                                        3,0
Current Consumption at max brightness (mcA, max) 125
Battery Type                                                    CR2032 (3,0 V) Lithium
Battery Life (hours)                                            2000
Weapon Mount Type                                           Picatinny rail
Storage temperature (°C)                                    -50 to +50
Operating temperature (°C)                                  -40 to +50  
Immersion                                                          till 1 m for 30 minutes
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H, mm)                           136 × 76 × 42
Weight (kg)                                                        0.155

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