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Accucam Quick Detach Reflex Mounting Base

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Only for military and law enforcement customers.

Fast And Repeatable
Provides Tactical Flexibility

The GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Reflex Mount allows the end user to quickly switch between the ACOG or other long range optic and the Reflex and still maintain "on target" repeatability. This benefit provides a degree of tactical flexibility highly valued in urban combat. By using the GG&G Accucam QD Reflex Mount, the optic can be installed on a dovetail rail in seconds by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the locked position. It can then be quickly removed by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the unlocked position. Once installed on the mount, the height of the Reflex allows for the all-important co-witnessing with a back up iron sight, like the GG&G A2 or MAD.

Unlike other QD mounting systems, it is fully adjustable to fit Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 dovetails at both ends of the specified tolerance. In addition, the unique design allows you to adjust the tension to accommodate out of spec or worn dovetails.In tests, the Accucam Locking Lever System has shown to be repeatable to 1/2 MOA. The unique finger loop design is easily operated, even with a gloved hand and the rounded design is ergonomic and virtually snag proof.

The new Accucam Quick Detach Trijicon ACOG Reflex mounting base is manufactured from solid billet 6061T6 aluminum alloy and hard anodized to meet mil-spec. The Accucam mechanism is manufactured from solid billet 4140 steel and manganese phosphated matte black per mil-spec

Trijicon accupoint mounts and ACOG reflex mount accessories are made in the USA by GG&G of Tucson Arizona. All our our products are fully tested and guaranteed, which is why they are trusted by police and military personnel in tactical situations.

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